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Court Hears Arguments on Trump's Travel Ban
by Causes
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  • Tenacious

    This travel ban is doing far more harm to our our alliances than it is protecting us. It's showing that "we" are acting out of fear and hate and greed and leading us to divide not unite. All which show enormous weakness within our country. Please repair this damage! I'm a tiny young female that could get raped or attacked every time I go into the community. That doesn't mean I ban every "bad man" or refuse to leave my house. It means I increase safety measures (I.e., remaining alert, avoiding dark places or isolated areas, and checking the back seat before I get in the car). You don't have to create more enemies by generalizing an entire population as a threat. You simply remain alert, have buddy systems (allies) and carry protection (mace, phone for 911, etc). Again, please repair the damage this ban has caused and could still cause.

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