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Senate Democrats Urge Supreme Court to Dismiss Gun Rights Case or Face ‘Restructuring’ - Should SCOTUS Be Reformed?
by Causes
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  • Darin
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    The Supreme Court has become a casualty of political extremes -- which is something I believe it was never intended to be. It needs to be reformed, in a major, fundamental way. 1) Eliminate lifetime appointments 2) Appointments last 16 years, with one position opening every 4 years 3) Every President will have the opportunity to nominate 1 justice during their presidential term (unless another justice dies or resigns/retires during that term) 4) Congress MAY NOT refuse to consider a president's nomination -- the Senate (and/or House) MUST allow debate/hearings and a vote on a nominee. 5) Nominations may not be "fast-tracked" -- there will be a both minimum and maximum # of calendar days that it takes to nominate, review, consider, hear, and vote on a nominee. 6) Judges and attorneys should have a voice too -- if a nomination draws criticism or concern from the National Bar Association (and/or other attorney groups) -- those are grounds for disqualification... regardless of political affiliation or loyalty. I'm sure these concepts aren't comprehensive, but it's a starting point for legislation -- and/or at least a discussion at the national level. Thank you.

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