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Israel Bars Reps. Omar and Tlaib From Entering After Pressure From Trump
by Axios
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  • Gary
    Voted Oppose

    I do not agree with the positions taken by these two congresswomen but I totally disagree with trumps strong suggestions to Israel that they ban their entry. The are duly elected representatives (who won the popular vote not some bogus electoral college). With regard to the “its all about the benjamins baby” comment, it is. You all know it and I know it. The support of the United States government is no longer about what is right, it is about how deep a nations pockets are for contribution to political campaigns. When Israel became a nation, they were without a “pot to pee in.” The politicians in the United States were the first to recognize them without asking how much they could donate. Those politicians are unfortunately dead and gone. And you crooks are the only ones remaining. What a shame! For Israel to ban two duly elected officials from entry to their country is an international shame shared by Israel at Donald Trumps insistence. Given the rational, every NATO country and country that Trump has bashed, should ban his entry to their country and I for one would not be slightly upset about it.

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