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Senate Democrats Urge Supreme Court to Dismiss Gun Rights Case or Face ‘Restructuring’ - Should SCOTUS Be Reformed?
by Causes
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  • Jonathon
    Voted Oppose

    According to sitting justices, as well as former Justices, SCOTUS is just fine. For Senators to threaten the Supreme Court is inexcusable. 9 justices on the court is appropriate. There are 4 extremely progressive justices, 1 conservative, and 4 moderate justices. The Chief Justice, Gorsuch, and Kavenaugh are pretty moderate. Read recent rulings from the Court. The court is fine. For one party to threaten the Court to “fix” itself or face the consequences is undermining the balance of power in the government. Throwing a political temper tantrum because the court doesn’t always rule in favor of progressive causes is a real sign of much worse things. I want everyone reading this to think hard about that. Only a totalitarian regime would threaten the court in order to advance their agenda. That is not American, that is not right, it’s not Constitutional, and it dang sure ain’t patriotic. I’d go so far as to say it’s quite treasonous.

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