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Should the Army Be Allowed to Recruit in High Schools?
by Causes
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  • Linda
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    Many parents are very much against their children going into the military. Personally, I am 100% for it. What is the difference between some overpriced, mediocre college recruiting prospective students promising them the world and the military? Actually there is a big difference. First. The military gets these kids off their asses and into the best shape of their lives. Second, they are earning a paycheck from day one. Third, they are being trained for the real world. Fourth, the military PAYS for their education. So in a sense this can be loosely tied to the student loan problem. When a high school graduate joins the military, as long as they do their service to their country as stated on their contract when they enlist, they come out ready to join the workforce with no student debt. And fifth? FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!!! And for the record. My son did JROTC and loved it. He was madder than an old wet hen when his school disbanded its JROTC program. JROTC gave my son a sense of purpose and responsibility. As of the last day of school last year, he was the second highest ranking member. Because of it, he walks tall, is proud of his country, and fully intends to enlist at the end of this year. (He is a senior.). We couldn’t be more proud of him if we tried. The JROTC helped turn him into the fine young man he is.

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