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Trump Claims McConnell “And a Lot of Republicans” Back Gun Background Checks
by Axios
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  • Victor
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    This is a very dangerous area to be legislating. I don't believe there is any way, in reality, to prevent mass shootings through any form of gun control. The poorly conceived "Red Flag" laws are a disaster waiting to occur for a bunch of reasons. First, who is truly qualified to assess an individual's propensity to commit violence? Even trained psychologists and psychiatrists struggle in this area. How does the system prevent the equivalent of "Swatting?" Next, who gets to decide when the "Red Flag" offender is no longer a threat? Finally, what requirements are there for law enforcement to return the confiscated weapons when the person has been deemed no longer a threat. I would suggest a $1,000 per day fine if law enforcement doesn't comply. If the real truth is our legislators want to reduce violence, then why don't you just enforce the existing law that says it's a felony for a convicted felon to possess a firearm? You could also enhance the penalties for mass shootings, shooting someone in law enforcement or in the government. I wonder what the impact would be of the media calling these mass shooters "domestic terrorists" versus mass shooter? The perpetrators of the crimes are totally cowards and should be labeled as such. These "Common sense" measures are not being addressed by anyone in Congress. I am a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights including the 2nd Amendment.

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