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What They’re Saying: Politicians & You React to Trump’s New Immigration Rule
by Causes
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  • Jeff
    Voted No

    Let me be clear. For those who operate with tunnel vision doling out remarks and how we are somehow robbing US tax payers of money and access. It’s estimated that undocumented workers are contributing BILLIONS of dollars to Social Security per year. It’s unlikely that any of them will ever reap any retirement benefits for what they’ve paid into OUR system. The Earnings Suspense File maintains information from as far back as 1937. The social security system has grown increasingly reliant on the revenue from unclaimed income taxes. Estimates are currently 340M. Now examine the population base of the Baby Boomers. It’s estimated that about 1.8M immigrants were part of the work force to assist the largest population base as they age into needing medical assistance. So remind everyone here just how unfair you think it is to provide government assistance to immigrants. Better yet, how about considering a methodology to repay undocumented workers the money they’re entitled to whenever they had social security withheld from their pay. Think bigger when it comes to limited choice issues for once. Conduct your own research and take personal responsibility instead of relying on spoon-fed sound bites. Choose excellence! Average is just a recycled failure

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