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What They’re Saying: Politicians & You React to Trump’s New Immigration Rule
by Causes
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  • Dawn
    Voted No

    How pray tell, have we let an argument that we have to stop the evil drug czars, cartel enforcers, berserk gangsters and human traffickers ever MORPH into an attack on legal and fully vetted immigrants who may need transitional help due to circumstances beyond their control? If trump needs to attack someone, why not go after those horrid examples used to start all of this bullshit. Could it be yet another bold face and exceedingly atrocious lie? When was it decided that we have a eugenics criteria for meritorious immigrants- that Albert Einstein couldn’t pass? When did we accept such corruption of bedrock American principals and beliefs? I have never seen an administration so hell bent on punishing people of color, the poorest of whom cannot began to defend themselves from such egregious governmental over-reach. How has the executive branch been given so much latitude to reinterpret existing laws in any way they see fit? These are all abuses of office and abuses of the powers granted to the president. This should greatly worry us all. Our Republican Senators better get their heads out their butts before they follow Moscow Mitch’s lemming parade over the looming cliff. It is way beyond my understanding how any moral, ethical, honest or honorable person could continue to support such a dishonest, dishonorable, unethical, immoral and indecent person as trump.

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