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The DC: Trump targets immigrants using food stamps, and... 🦅 Do you support rolling back the Endangered Species Act?
by Causes
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  • Wayne

    We can not afford to heal or feed the entire world! In fantasy land we have all the money in the world to do that but in the real world we have to limit how many we can help. So you can understand... if you are in a boat that can only hold 6 people and you try to put 20 on the boat and it the sinks.... same thing. Open your eyes people! Do you want to sink the USA or keep us afloat and help people at reasonable levels? But all democrats want to do is take all your money and give it to NON Americans leaving our homeless wanting all the while democrats are trying to buy illegal immigrant votes! Wake up sheepal Democrats!! You are being lied to. Republicans sad for physical security for the USA while democrats stand for running the country into bankruptcy. Do the math and you will see. Democrats want st spend $5 to every $2 republicans want to spend . SAD, VERY SAD! All Socialist Democrats want to do is destroy this great country!


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