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The DC: Trump targets immigrants using food stamps, and... 🦅 Do you support rolling back the Endangered Species Act?
by Causes
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  • NoHedges

    Asking countless times whether or not we as a community support rolling back the endangered species act has become a moot question. We as a community, have responded countless times that we DO NOT support rolling back the endangered species act, we do NOT support trophy hunting, and we do NOT support policies which place our environment at risk. ⁉️The only question now is whether or not EITHER party is going to take the time to actually listen to the voice of the people they were elected to represent. Which, quite honestly, seems very unlikely. The Dem old guard’s first act of business was to have new blue reps break their promises to the people and install a hugely unpopular Speaker of the House.who spends the majority of her time on trips to other countries modeling her latest fashions and seeking further international influence on a democratic society which has already had their electoral freedoms corrupted by foreign influences. And the Republicans aren’t even pretending to listen to the people. They are endorsing a candidate who was helped to power by selling his allegiance to Russia. A fact they are trying to hide by not pressing for his taxes. A candidate, who has caused billions of dollars of loses in emotional trade wars AND has an unabashed admiration for dictators.

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