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Jeffrey Epstein Dead in Apparent Suicide
by Axios
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  • onevotehelps
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    I only remain neutral because anyone that has attempted suicide why incarcerated is automatically placed on suicide watch. Must have been a reason why? Deceased wasn’t under 24 hour surveillance or frequent cell checks. The other side of the coin, already found guilty of previous sexual crimes against a minor, and the most recent search warrant of his residence, allegedly obtaining more explicit child pornography, he did these victims a big favor. I would further welcome the taxpayers savings, as I’m pretty sure this would have been a high profile taxpayers case. Suicide in this case by Epstein’s own guilty mind was the right thing to do. To further entertain a long drawn out investigation, is to glorify this child molester. Mr. Barr, Epstein isn’t the first person that committed suicide while in Federal custody., why? Are you giving this special attention. My opinion and not the majority speaking.

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