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Would You Support an Executive Order on Social Media Bias?
by Causes
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    One of the most absurd things ever. And if the Right thinks it’s okay, then they are smacking of hypocrisy. They opposed net neutrality, equal time regulations, etc. after crowing about how they were winning the radio waves since the equal time rules were done away with, they are complaining about losing the internet for the very same reason. The Right said the internet is not subject to government oversight and is not a public utility but because they are losing, they have done an about face, exposing their hypocrisy and how they really don’t believe in the free market, smaller government and less government interference and regulation. And I know the Right will engage in whataboutism because they can not defend their indefensible, hypocritical stance. The online companies are private entities with no obligation to be fair or balanced or give equal time. The Right has more than enough money to start their own platforms and should do what they have preached for decades.

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