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Obamacare Replacement Coming ‘This Year’ and More In Politics Today
by Causes
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  • Jack

    To my Republican members of the House and Senate: Do not repeal the ACA. I know you promised your voters that you would repeal it but you knew it was supposed to be a hollow promise and you were blindsided by Donald Trump winning the White House. You spent all your time criticizing it as a job-killer while we had the longest streak of private sector job growth in our history. I understand your dilemma, the facts don't match your rhetoric and now you're in a corner. Keep it and your base will be very angry. Repeal it and the majority of Americans will oppose you. 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance. Preventative care will no longer be covered. Sick people will get sicker. The ACA is a market based, personal responsibility centered plan designed by conservatives. It's the plan you would have put together to counter a single payer plan if you were in charge. Well, now you're in charge and your plan already happens to be the law of the land. Keep it. Call it something else if you want to. Make a few changes. Pay for it some other way. That's all fine. It needs some repair. We all agree on that. If you repeal the basic structure you will damage the whole private insurance market and probably anger enough people that our next political wave will put a single payer health care system in place. Something you won't be happy about. Think about it.

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