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Poll: 70% of Americans Support an Assault Weapons Ban – Do You?
by Causes
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  • Kyle
    Voted Oppose

    In the 20th century civilian gun crime worldwide killed on average 3/100k people annually while government genocides killed 88/100k every year for 100 years!!! The US record for deadliest mass shooting is still held by the government at Wounded Knee Creek. You cannot believe in Dem-Ocracy (power held by the people) and simultaneously believe in disempowering the people. Also, people selling an assault weapons “ban” couldn’t be what supporters are imagining, which is removing them from the populace. All it could do would be prevent future sale, but there’s already literally millions in circulation. Any politician selling a “ban” is as much of a hustler as the ones who sold “Obamacare” as free healthcare (which is what most supporters believed it would be!!)

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