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Hate Crimes on the Rise - Should Penalties Be Increased?
by Causes
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  • Lee

    This is a a very skewed take on what is happening. The FBI data even warns not to assume that hate crime is on the rise, they are simply taking in more reporting than they did in previous years to look at the issue. The reality hasn’t changed. Additionally, there has been a trend in false hate crime reporting (which doesn’t get backed out of the real data) which is enough to skew data. It does seem larger because media amplifies it to make it sensational. The world is actually getting better by every metric, but that doesn’t sell papers or have people anxiously checking the TV or favorite news site—worry and anxiety is needed to do that, so that is what they feed us. Don’t buy into it, don’t turn against your fellow Americans, don’t turn to identitarian tribalism—that is what they want.


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