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680 Immigrants Arrested in Mississippi ICE Raids
by Axios
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  • Francisco

    It is easy to de-humanize the innocent and the vulnerable!! It is not new to us as a country!! We murdered thousands upon thousands of Indigenous Americans because we de-humanized them!! “The only good injun , Is a dead injun!’ “, we exclaimed as we murdered innocent men, women and children!! If it were not enough to kill them, scalping the cadavers made us feel even better!! I guess to some of us Latino children being separated and left stranded after arresting parents is ok too!! We have de-humanized them into the category of dogs or cattle to our eternal shame!! When we are told that we are guilty of crimes against humanity, I would venture to guess that Trump and his followers would shrug it off !! The rest of us just do not understand He would say, that he is unifying America!!


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