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Judge Temporarily Blocks California Law Forcing Candidates to Release Tax Returns
by Causes
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  • Carol

    Trump settled his lawsuit from his University for $25 million right before he started running for President. They have closed his foundation because he used it to funnel money (donations) through so he could use the donations for his personal use or take the donation made to his foundation a give it as a personal contribution from him so he could write it off on his taxes. He caused numerous small businesses to close when he bankrupt his casino's and he refused to pay them for their work. He lies to the point that you cannot believe a word he says. He is using taxpayer dollars to support his lifestyle and does not want us, the American people, to see his tax returns and how we are paying to keep him up. Quite frankly I am tired of being taxed to death so he can go play golf at Mara Lago at $3 Million a trip and more than six months of time since he has been in office. He is a Flim Flam Man and does not want to be exposed.


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