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Walmart Pulls Violent Video Game Displays, Still Selling Guns
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted Yes

    Violent video games should be cracked down on as they are unneeded anyhow. As far as mental illness goes, who decides if a person is mentally ill or not? The ADL, the ACLU? Are we going to make fake Freudian words up so we can say anyone who might be a patriot is also mentally ill so they can legally take away that person's protection? That's where laws can be dangerous and must be thought over before passing any new laws by ALL groups of people, not some, and not most people groups- ALL. Pul Pot wiped out 1/3 of his entire county's population when communism came in there and the people didn't even know what was going on behind the scenes. America is heading that path. WORDS are very important and can be used for good or evil. It all comes down to the Hegelian Dialectic that many politicians, some political parties pattern after, and many dictators have come about through this method of philosophy and country take overs. Many will say that could never happen in America. Do we not think other people said that of their countries also in the past?


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