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Walmart Pulls Violent Video Game Displays, Still Selling Guns
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    While I am upset by the amount of violence in video games (particularly directed towards women or other minority groups) I don't believe that violence is the direct effect of video games. And dertainly, although they may foster an atmosphere of violence, this violence could not be acted upon as easily if there were not so many guns available. We don't insist that people give up other lethal 'weapons" (i.e. cars) but we DO insist upon passing a safe driving test, a certain numbers of hands on 'experience', regular licensure, registering of vehicles, etc. Why are guns any different . and why are assault weapons lumped in the same category as guns for hunting or target shooting? There is no need for that kind of weapon. I hope that my legislators continue to make this a priority and support legislation that requires back ground checks or registering of weapons.

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