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Walmart Pulls Violent Video Game Displays, Still Selling Guns
by Causes
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  • Janet
    Voted Yes

    Yes we should monitor violent video games that may radicalize, but MORE IMPORTANTLY violent white nationalist, Nazi, and racist hate groups and their websites and social media and do common sense gun control finally, and control Trump. MOST IMPORTANT IS FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP TO STOP HIS HATE, RACIST, SEXIST, XENOPHOBIC RHETORIC which has divided our nation and fomented hatred and fear that breeds this violence. It all starts at the top and rolls downhill. TRUMP AND HIS ENABLERS ARE COMPLICIT with White Nationalists, Nazies and Hate Groups that are violent and causing this violent carnage across our nation. It can no longer be denied or normalized. This is not normal! ADDITIONALLY MITCH MCCONNEL IS COMPLICIT IN SITTING ON COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS. THIS MUST STOP NOW. MORE THAN 80% OF AMERICANS ARE DEMANDING AND BEGGING FOR GUN CONTROL. DO YOUR JOBS! Hate groups have increased dramatically under Trump See: and and many other statistics. To deny this is insane. The GOP and Republican Senators must call out and stop Trump's violent rhetoric that now leaves no doubt to it's effect. Otherwise Trump and his enablers are our worst national security risks and should be locked up.


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