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8chan Owner Called to Testify After Mass Shootings – Should 8Chan Be Shut Down?
by Causes
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  • Paul
    Voted No

    Well first let me say as a white person- i am totally against this type of activity. however the site is not ours and he has the freedom of speech. That i support. Someone once said keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It begs the question why someone didn’t raise the flag if he posted this?? oh. I forgot, its america and I’m sure everyone who saw it said “not my problem” or something similar.. and that folks is were we as a people failed! As for the Mexican invasion- call it what you like but we are seeing an increase in Mexican people and that is ok as long as its done legally. Have you all forgotten that we took this country (by force killing millions of Mexican, Indian, british, etc) people?? Countries change cultures over time. Its part of living on a single planet that non of us (save a dozen or so) are able to leave it. So leave the dickheads site up and watch them people!!


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