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After El Paso Mass Shooting, Gun Control Advocates March on the White House and the Capitol
by Axios
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  • Robert

    It's not that we don't need some kind of gun control laws, but the problem is HOW it will initially be used against law-abiding citizens. They already made a bunch of new "psychology words" out of the thin air that would allow them to take away guns from innocent godly people. And things like "if you believe in end times Bible prophecy" somehow makes you a terrorist or threat to society. Yes, we have seen many of these politicians come up with things like this that will some day be used by one party or another against innocent god-fearing people who believe in loving their neighbor and not killing them. We can start with outlawing violent video games that these shooters usually grew up with and are desensitized. Quit doping them up with one "prescribed med" or another. We didn't have all this stuff in the 70's, and 80's that we are seeing today. So think it through and ask yourself, "What has changed in our society that can be bringing these things to pass?" Can it be race-baiting one ethnos with another ethnos (Matthew 24-in the Bible predicted this by the way). This isn't rocket-science. Sacred Cowtipper

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