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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
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  • jkrayko

    Everyone is commenting about her supposed stance on public education. Did any of you actually see the full quote and not just what the news reported? The public education system has been in a decline over the past several decades. They continue to say just throw more towards it, that will fix the problem. Well that hasn't seemed to work so maybe a bold new idea will jumpstart the education of America. The past several education secretaries haven't panned out so let's try this and see how it goes. Are the ones that are most upset public school teachers? Are they worried that they won't continue to be paid for an incomplete job? They, just like every other employee, need to be held accountable and show progress. Here is the full quote. "We are beneficiaries of start-ups, ventures, and innovation in every other area of life, but we don't have that in education because it's a closed system, a closed industry, a closed market," DeVos said. "It's a monopoly, a dead end. And the best and brightest innovators and risk-takers steer way clear of it. As long as education remains a closed system, we will never see the education equivalents of Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Wikipedia, or Uber."

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