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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Causes
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  • Dan

    Would you please share with me the objective performance data on Mrs. DeVos that justifies your decision to select her as our nation's top educator that will ensure that our collective education system is globally competitive? Presently, the educational performance for the US in MATH, READING and SCIENCE is abysmal (2015 PISA SCORES, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). We're 41/72 for math, 24/72 for reading and 25/72 for science. Please share with me the qualities you saw in Mrs. DeVos that convinced you she had the qualifications to lead this country to a higher performing level? My sense is that the decision to vote for her as our Secretary of Education was based upon a party-line vote. Yes I live in West Virginia and it's my opinion that you let down the children of our state today.

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