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What They're Saying: Trump's 'Go Back' Where You Came From Tweets
by Causes
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  • Adam
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    Any lawmaker of either Party who does not condemn Donald Trump for this outrageous attacks and racism should be Censured and Removed from Office. Members of either Party who refuse to do this are publicly declaring their tacit support for Trump’s Nazi rhetoric. If any Colorado Senator, Congressman or Congresswoman does not condemn Donald Trump we should all join together to insure they never send in any Public Office anywhere again. If you have studied history, then you will know that Adolf Hitler used just such intimidating tactics to secure his power. The next thing the German People knew they had become complicit in the Holocaust. WE MUST STOP THIS NOW. We must all unequivocally condemn those individuals who are so impotent and lack the integrity or the political will to stand up to this pathetic man. We must insure that our Nation never again suffers such humiliation again. The stench is unbearable! If you see one of the men or women who still support Trump after his completely unacceptable behavior, turn your backs on them, cast them out of your communities and laugh them out of Office. Too many have fought and died for the United States of America and our values to allow ANY ENEMY FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC to enjoy any social standing whatsoever in the United States or to remain in Office. IMPEACH Trump Now And RECALL All of those in the Congress of the People of The United States who support his pathological tyranny! These are Constitutionally Granted Options We the People Have Right Now!


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