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Trump Administration Delays Enforcing New Abortion Referral Rule
by Causes
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  • Oak
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    Taxpayer funded clinics should be able to refer women for abortions. They are safe and empower women to do what is best for themselves. Unwanted pregnancies are often traumatic for both parent and child and often keep impoverished people (who already don’t have access to medical care and family planning) in poverty (because now they have all of the medical and daily costs of having a baby). People making choices about their bodies (because their bodies are theirs) about whether or not they could provide for a baby (mentally, emotionally, physically, financially) makes sense - they know themselves best. Lastly, when people don’t have access to SAFE and LEGAL abortions, they have unsafe, illegal abortions. There’s no need for people to risk their lives in order to take control of their own body. Government is only good if it empowers people. Due to lack of access, anything less than government support is in fact (if not directly) forcing women to have babies they don’t want. This is unacceptable, and therefore taxpayer funded clinics should be able to refer women for abortions.

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