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Judge Blocks Trump Asylum Restrictions at U.S.-Mexico Border
by Causes
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  • Oak
    Voted No

    Country quotas are racially motivated - something I don’t support. People seeking asylum are emigrating out of desperation, because of threat or persecution. Race shouldn’t make a difference - we either help people or we don’t. We helped start a lot of the crises driving people to seek asylum and in general I’m a humanitarian so I’m on the side of helping, but if the gov decides not to they should at least be honest about it and not shrug and say “too bad, the (self-imposed) quota has already been met, there’s nothing we can do” with feigned remorse. Either we can be honest and take responsibility to help people we have harmed or we can choose to not, but we should not be hypocrites and play the savior (for letting people in) and the victim (for letting people in) when we are neither.


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