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Trump Moves to Ease Drive-Time Rules for Truckers - Do You Support the Rollback?
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  • Jason
    Voted Oppose

    I am not a trucker, but that does not mean that I don't have to share the road with them. I live near a major interstate, I-65. My friends and family often are on this road. There have been way too many accidents involving semis. Just two days ago (July 13 2019), a young mother and her two infant children were killed on I-465 when a semi didn't see that traffic had stopped, and plowed through stopped cars. Please do not lower the standards for how many hours a trucker can drive. The last thing we need are more truckers on the road without sufficient rest. If companies need to move more products, they need to hire more truckers (more jobs!), not over-use the truckers they have.


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