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The DC: 📋 Trump orders collection of citizenship info, and... Do you support mass ICE deportation raids?
by Causes
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  • Chris

    Absolutely! The question was REMOVED by a president, and we are being told that a president can’t ADD a question that was on the census for 200 years? Get the FUCK out of here! NEVER should have been removed to begin with! We demand to know how many are here, where they are, and then send them BACK! This is OUR house and you do t get to say who gets to live in OUR house! Any of you morons below who cry about hitler, or being in humane are sadly misinformed. It costs taxpayers 3000.00 per month for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, they come for their FREE life!!! Meanwhile we have retirees who can’t afford to live after paying into the system for 50 years. It is THEIR MONEY you idiots are squandering! We can’t afford it, it is NOT our problem. We try this shit in their countries and get SHOT or imprisoned! You are itching for a civil war if we continue on this path you’ll get it!


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