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Scott Pruitt to Face Confirmation Hearings Wednesday as Trump's Pick for EPA
by Causes
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  • Jennifer

    I am writing to express my opposition to Pruitt for the EPA b/c he will not lead with the best interest of protecting our water and air resources. I have written about my opposition to his appointment several times and was greeted with a form response letter from your office letting me know that the constitution gives power to the president to pick his cabinet and that your job is to support those picks for the most part. So my response to your letter is that I am surprised that you brought up how you are simply supporting the constitution by giving your blessing to any and all of the president's cabinet picks when during obama's presidency you failed to vote for any of his nominees to these same cabinet posts. Please just be honest and say that you are voting along party lines. I urge you to re-evaluate all of trump's cabinet nominees (especially pruitt and devos) and the potential impact they will have on america. Thank you.

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