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Congressional Subcommittee Schedules Hearing for Federal Marijuana Law Reform
by High Times
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  • Lisa c
    Voted Yes

    Yes , in a previous statement I stated we need to have a right to choose how we are medicated I have seen a 60 year war on this Drug to no avail I find it hard to believe that the ignorance prevails ! Big Pharma has pockets all over ,think about it I pay thru the nose for my pharmaceuticals only to have To get another drug to deal with symptoms when are you going to Understand That America wants Choice for their own health ! Marijuana is not killing anybody but until you lawmaking folks in power by State do not obey POTUS and 3/4 of the American public watch your polls ! We will Vote you Out ! So heed warnings and give the country that supports you what we want without persecution ! Stand Strong All Who Agree We Will Overcome ! 💯🇱🇷


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