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Do You Support Universal Basic Income?
by Causes
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  • Cameron
    Voted Support

    The only difference between what I have been receiving since 2010 and what Andrew Yang wants to give everyone, is that mine is called VA disability when it hits my account. This is about more then a 5 year olds concept of earning something, this is a safety net to catch you when, not if, but when you lose your job to a machine. It encourages work because you get to keep it, whereas welfare is taken away when you do work incentivizing you not to do so. By receiving roughly $1,000 a month I have been able to avoid hunger and homelessness, and being a burden to the rest of my family. The freedom dividend won't and is not meant to replace your job, it is meant to provide the basic needs like housing and food that we can all agree we should be able to provide. However, the government buying these things for us is a gigantic idiotic waste of money. It is 1000% going to be cheaper to just put the money straight into your hands and have the market compete for your money like a capitalist Society should.

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