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Trump Delays Immigration Raids, Gives Democrats 'Two Weeks' to Reform Asylum Laws
by Causes
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  • Natalie
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    Hello, my name is Natalie and I am a junior i high school. There is definitely an illegal immigration issue in our country, there are many people sneaking across the border so we don’t even know who’s in our country. There have been several instances of illegal immigrants killing american citizens in our country and illegal immigrants running drugs into our country. While some who come illegally come for good reasons, it is almost never okay to break the law. Coming to this country illegally is against the law, it is dangerous and causes many issues related to it and threatens our national security, so it should be taken very seriously. Everyday people are dying and suffering from this issues american citizens and immigrants included. While it is vital that we have legal immigrants as we need them for their skills, we cannot throw around our nations security like this. I think we need to deport all illegal immigrants who have committed any type of crime in our country and allow them the opportunity to come into our country legally. We also need to make the process for immigration easier as well as building a wall. All these things would help protect citizens, our national security and legal and illegal immigrants. Thank you for your time!


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