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McConnell: 'None of Us Currently Living Are Responsible’ for Slavery – Do You Support Reparations?
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted Oppose

    No one is alive that was a slave. Furthermore, I am a decedent of Italian immigrants that were discriminated against and were not able to reap the benefits of the elite. Do we seek reparations? I understand the argument is that they were slaves not immigrants. There are so many “wrong” events in history and not enough money to go around. All the civilians we have killed in wars, religious persecutions, native Americans, taking Hawaii from the native people of those islands, and the list continues... Dare I say that those decedents of African Slaves are better off here than in their native countries? My family line has done better here in America than under the fascist rule and large scale murders of Mussolini when my grandfather fled Italy. I’m sure I will be labeled a racist for saying that. However, are there any current African Americans lobbing and wanting to go back to Africa? I don’t think so, someone came up with this to keep a racist dialogue going to have the government come up with another entitlement program. How about we spend the money on schools and go after the colleges that are now businesses with tuitions out of control? Why don’t we concentrate on no taxes to our elderly past age 70? No taxes to any 100% disabled military or military retirees?

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