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Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
by Causes
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  • Mark

    Given that Mitch McConnell refused to even give Merrick Garland a hearing, let alone a vote. It is my strong opinion that President Obama's final SCOTUS appointment was unconstitutionally stolen from him. Additionally, when the GOP Senate thought Hillary was going to win the presidency, several of them made public statements that they would filibuster any SCOTUS nominee she made for 4 or even 8 years if necessary! NO, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THIS! That said, the nominee himself is irrelevant. While I do not condone extreme and irresponsible actions: as is obvious, these are not normal times. As I type this a Constitutional crisis is looming as Trump is threatening to ignore the judicial branch of our government. So, at the very least, need to force a vote of 60 senators on Gorsuch. Frankly I am very concerned about anyone that idealized Scalia. Many of his opinions are troubling, and of even greater concern he regularly engaged in actions that would have been illegal for any federal judge other than a Supreme Court Justice. From what I have read, Gorsuch record is largely anti-labor (a constituency Democrats clearly need to win back), anti-environmental regulations (also under attack, and will need protecting), and quite likely anti-choice. So I am not clear on how he is considered a "mainstream" judge. As we are from California, I believe we must hold the line on this out of principle, even if he is ultimately appointed. Whether or not to try to provoke McConnell into exercising the nuclear option at this time is not a strategy I feel qualified to comment on. We are a republic for a reason, so I am counting on you two to act in the best interests of the majority of people in the state of California. Speaking of which, I just want to mention that Senator Franken showed that Jeff Sessions lied - and lied in a big way on his questionnaire - essentially his job application. WHO GETS HIRED IF THEY LIE ON THEIR JOB APPLICATIONS?! No one, that is who. And if that isn't enough, while he was AG of Alabama he engaged in prosecutorial misconduct while trying to benefit someone who made a large campaign contribution! I believe it was in the ACLU's testimony. Again, if you violated the law doing a job before, who would hiring you to do that same kind of job? This is not difficult. No need to talk about political differences on civil rights or voting rights. Lying on job application. Clearly violating the publics trust last time he was an AG! Quoting a news source: The biggest case his office handled was thrown out in what the judge called the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct he had ever seen. In a remarkable opinion, the Alabama state trial judge hearing the case concluded that “the misconduct of the Attorney General in this case far surpasses in both extensiveness and measure the totality of any prosecutorial misconduct ever previously presented to or witnessed by the Court.” The court found that the “the prosecutorial misconduct is so pronounced and persistent that it permeates the entire atmosphere of this prosecution and warrants a dismissal of these cases.” It also found the misconduct so pervasive that “this court can only conclude it is dealing with either intentional and deliberate misconduct or conduct so reckless and improper as to constitute conscious disregard for the lawful duties of the Attorney General and the integrity and dignity of this court and this Judge.”


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