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Should Congress Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump?
by Causes
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  • Jeff

    The Democrats have hatched many schemes and one of them was to stop securing our border in the hopes that many many illegals will cross and down the road the Dems planned on making them all voters and if they manage to make the 11 to 15 million voters it would be decades before their could be an honest election making Democrats winners on all fronts and the changes they will make will destroy our country. We must stop this illegal behavior and how did they get to ignore the Immigration law at the border, I blame both parties for this happening. Our Congress is sick and the People could have a much better life and their kids could have a great future if we abide by the law. Changes are coming because the majority of American are just tired of the lies, the Conspiracy to remove our elected President and all the crimes being committed by the Democrats. The Democrats have already stopped listening to their base. The promises for free College, free health care, and Open borders will ruin this country and well we won't have a country if that ever happens. We love our country and to Americans get involved and let your Congress know how you feel and don't back down.


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