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Is the U.S. Prepared for Possible Russian Interference in the 2020 Election?
by Causes
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  • Adrienne
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    He knows he did t win on his own nor did they win the majority without Russian help. The republicans don’t want a change. They are not deaf dumb blind or crazy they choose to ignore hoping the help continues! Stop procrastinating and do your job in accordance with the United States Constitution. The more you shirk your responsibilities, the more his corrupt narrative lingers. You have Mueller’s testimony in Volume I & II of the report. It is long past time to act. These excuses our Democratic House majority makes are weak, they are no stronger than the republicans who are turning a blind eye to the daily corruption and disruption of this once function government and country. As we fall our allies are weakened. Trump says he’s exonerated, it’s a made up hoax and witch hunt. Yet daily his administration are playing footsie with dictators namely Putin. They are trying to create a war with Iraq for their negligence to understand the signed agreement Iraq and our allies. Therefore they taunt to create a war that will keep this tyrant in office or so they hope. He legislates with lies, hitting undo trying to erase overwhelmingly and legitimately elected President Obama from our history books McConnell is just saying no and Lindsay Graham blocks. We didn’t give you the House to be afraid. You really believe the media when they say Americans won’t read the Mueller report. Yes we have and we are having discussions all over America. We are fed up with your lack of inaction. We got this behavior from the republicans. We thought better of you. The narrative have been owned by the republicans who decided this Democracy is not worth protecting. The survey sent out regarding impeachment, you know some of the people taking the survey are not real. I’ve been taunted by trolls and bots. When will you start dealing with this massive problem. If you want us to ignore trolls and bots, make up our minds to do the right thing we need you to follow the constitution, stop testing a fake climate and do what you must do to protect our constitution period full stop! Democratic Party appear to be afraid to do what the Constitution states so a team of Republicans will release a statement and do your job for you. What’s wrong with that picture. The Mueller report Volumes 1 & 2 clearly lays out the map for impeachment. It is documentation, step by step for investigating this man and impeaching him. Please do the job we elected you to do. Now do your job or we will loose anyway in 2020. A country trusted you to give you the majority in the house to provide oversight not to lie to us by saying we aren’t there yet. This man has given you a toad map without the report. Now that you have the report, you have received a monumental amount of help in both volumes. It’s time, it’s beyond time. Educate the public and hold the hearings. The longer you wait the more damage the man does. We are tinkering on a war with Iran, more tariff games with China, Mexico and Canada, more security breeches with Russia and Saudi Arabia. More constitution violations, more compromises to our democracy. More people raped and killed in cages and at our borders. Straighten your backs and buckle up. Do your jobs under the constitution !


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