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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Use Policy
by Causes
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  • Katie
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    For people talking about safety of young women, do you have any idea how easy it is for a heterosexual man to say he was born a woman just so he can see women in changing rooms? "I don't have my idea on me, but the law says I need to be in here". Oh, or just men who were born women, but now have a penis and look EXACTLY like a man, but are sexually attracted to women who can just oggle those women all he wants. And for women born men who have undergone breast implants and look EXACTLY like a woman to be forced into a male locker room. Maybe the men won't mind seeing such a feminine body close to naked changing in front of them. They may feel a little uncomfortable while this person can just stare at their junk in the bathroom though, since the person by law has to be around men peeing in urinals.


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