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43% of Americans say Socialism Would Be Good For the Country – Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Danielle
    Voted No

    First, the policies and economic frameworks of the world are far more nuanced then black and white. To pit capitalism vs socialism leads to an inaccurate view of what is possible with a healthy balance of public vs private sector ownership. It’s easy for manipulative media, and others to denounce one option vs the other. We are smarter than this and we must all read up on what balance of assets, industries, data, land, etc. would be best managed by a hybrid combination of public and private sector and which are best along the FULL SPECTRUM, e.g. from (0% public 100% private) to (100% public 0% private). We only hurt ourselves framing our best possible options as one or the other. Extreme capitalism serves shareholders and executives. Extreme socialism serves bureaucrats. There is clearly a better balance to be had than what we have today. We must demand a balanced socio-economic system that serves ‘consumers and regular middle class or non-capital holding citizens (the vast majority)’ AND preserves a sustainable environment instead of only focusing on maximizing quarterly profit for the 1%.


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