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Should the U.S. Continue to Celebrate Confederate Memorial Day?
by Causes
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  • Gunner
    Voted No

    After scrolling through comments I noticed two different ideas from those who selected the affirmative position: one of which is a valid point the other is simply ignorant. 1) it’s not a federal holiday, and therefor it’s up to individual states whether they should have it. Principles of Federalism certainly point towards this and reining federal over reach is certainly a worthwhile position. 2) don’t try to rewrite history. This is simply asinine. Nobody is trying to rewrite history—the controversy is about celebrating that history. Nobody rational is suggesting we excise the civil war from historical education or museums. No, the idea is we shouldn’t have a holiday celebrating a failed rebellion fought to preserve a way of life predicated on slavery. Of course, America has never shied away from rewriting or glossing over history when it’s convenient. (E.g. treatment of indigenous peoples and Japanese-American internment camps)


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