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Texas Passes 'Save Chick-fil-A' Religious Liberty Bill – Should More States Follow?
by Causes
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  • Patricia
    Voted No

    Why did the Senate feel that protecting a corporation religious rights? Corporations are not people. This is another way for the 1% to take away the rights of the people and benefits large corporations and billionaires. Why haven't legislators done anything about our crumbling infrastructure or given us a viable alternative for healthcare instead of just ripping it out from under us. Why don't we get a living wage. Why do you allow a lying corrupt criminal to rig our country with corruption in his cabinet, entire administration and the inept and unqualified judges he is putting in place. Yet Mitch McConnell and the Republican party want to make sure that a business' religious rights are not infringed upon. Give me a break. It's time to demand accountability from Donald Trump and his administration and to begin formal impeachment hearings/investigation.

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