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Alabama Lt. Governor: State Abortion Ban ‘Long Overdue Effort’ to Challenge Roe v. Wade
by Causes
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  • Julio
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    Unless we want to become a country similar to The Handmaid's Tale which for some reason at the rate that GOP and religious folks seem to act that is the case then sure, why not. We as a country are so busy trying to tell a woman what to do with their life’s while at the same time screaming “less government intrusion” which is a complete contradiction against both messages. You can’t have both and you can’t have “selective” less government for some things while at the same time supporting government intrusion on other things. One or the other, is that simple. Yes I get it, 𝘓𝘪𝘧𝘦 is precious. But once we add religion to the mix which we SHOULD NOT, then it becomes intrusion based on the wonderful imaginary book called the Bible. Our founding fathers ensured that religion and government should not be mixed. Yet we have a group of people that continue wanting to mix it. No where did our founding fathers said “some religions take priority over others”. Nor did they said that this country is a “Catholic Country” or anything even related with that nonsense. If an individual wants to practice their faith, have at it. No problems with that. But for the last few years/decades it has become more like a cult vs religious freedom. I don’t want and neither should anyone for that matter want the government to dictate what religious freedom means. There are people that are religious or they practice their religion in their on way. Who the hell is the government or any religious organization to dictate how that process should be done? This entire topic shouldn’t dictate to a woman what they should do with their body. Is up to the woman. Yes there are ramifications since a life is in the middle of it and is up to the woman to make that choice. Is a tough choice as it is for them so let’s not make it any more difficult by having a bunch of religious organizations or the government or anyone for that matter making such decision worse for them. So stop the nonsense and let’s focus on things are more important vs being a bunch of hypocrites in the process. If the Bible was to be followed based on the writings from thousands of years ago then either is followed 100% or it is not. But selective parts of when is convenient is hypocritical. While we are at it, if this nonsense keeps going then I want to: 1. Claim the fetus on all government documents. 2. Update my dependents on the insurance. 3. Be able to update my W4 for deductions. 4. Get social security benefits. 5. Get Medicare and Medicaid benefits. 6. Update my census information. And on and on and on. See how ridiculous all this seems?

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