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Would You Support a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United?
by Causes
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  • Nancy
    Voted Yes

    I am of the opinion that corporations, most especially, have taken taken the place of Congress on their purpose of Checks and Balance. By allowing corporations to act as a ‘person’ in the voting and election process . A person is limited in how much they might contribute to an individual person seeking public office. With the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, a door was shut on knowing exactly where money was coming from and how much was pouring in to office seekers on both sides. At one point there was a semblance of honor in electoral process. Money has shifted the balance. Politicians enjoy power and money afforded them while losing the real power of acting in any way except what money men tell them to do, corporations enjoy the process of writing laws that enhance their companies and power positions, power brokers enjoy having their lobbyist write laws and joining corporations in having a political show person being their spokesperson and voting robot. Dark money and the ability to hide exactly who and how much is being hidden in contributions has corrupted it only the Congress, Executive, but also the Judiciary branches of government. We now have the best government $MONEY$ can buy. We are a government of the corporation, by the corporation and FOR the corporation. Individual persons no longer matter.

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