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Do You Support Trump Asserting Executive Privilege Over the Full Mueller Report?
by Causes
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  • Judith ann

    We the people did not call for and fund this investigation in the expectation that OUR PAID EMPLOYEES in THE GOVERNMENT WE ESTABLISHED AND OWN would then withhold the full results from us. That would be the ultimate absurdity. NO ONE has the right or authority to do that, and if any employee of the people, including Donald Trump, the attorney general he put in office to block for him, or anyone in Congress or the courts, continues to thwart the wishes of the people who pay for their salaries and every other aspect of our government, they must be removed. Contempt of Congress? This is contempt of the PEOPLE of the United States of America, and this has gone on long enough! We have the right to examine EVERY document ever written by those we have hired or voted into office as part of the jobs entrusted to them. They have NO power other than that which we confer on them; it is the worst of blind arrogance for ANY of them to think that because they were hired or voted into office they have any power to overrule us. The report belongs to us. We paid the salaries and costs. We pay for the entire government. Turn over the unredacted report NOW, with no further delay. Put Mueller on the witness stand to answer our questions. We need a full exposition of everything there is to know, or we cannot make sensible decisions about the future of our government.


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