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Do You Support Trump Asserting Executive Privilege Over the Full Mueller Report?
by Causes
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  • Christi
    Voted Oppose

    Of course I oppose executive privilege, being asserted over the Mueller report! TAXPAYERS PAID for this investigation and the congress deserves EVERY detail, so our representatives can relay if the sensitive info, we cannot see, due to redactions. So we can understand if it was as serious as the unredacted pieces seem to show! He is guilty, and trying to cover up, and obstruct, just like any criminal in his position would do. He is just hoping that his supporters are either 1) too stupid and full of pride to admit they were wrong to vote for this guy, and ditch him, Or 2) The UBER rich (individuals or companies), that enjoy not paying their fair share in taxes. So that he can get away with it! It is up to US, both our representatives, and us as AMERICANS that ENJOY the privileges and riches our democracy affords each of us, to FIGHT against these evil, self serving people, that want to destroy what America is, and stands for.

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