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Do You Support Trump Asserting Executive Privilege Over the Full Mueller Report?
by Causes
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  • Aaron
    Voted Oppose

    Let me understand this correctly. The report that basically indicates him on 10 different obstruction of justice charges, that Trump said completely exonerated him from all wrongdoing, is now being placed in “executive privilege“, so Congress cannot see the full report. So the report that basically incriminate him, he now gets to say no one can see, and the AG is just going along with this and falsifying the report in general. I’m so glad my Republican representatives don’t see anything wrong with this and still back him 100% you spineless bureaucrats. It’s really sad that as my elected officials you won’t do it damn thing about this but yet go to your same old bullshit but HILARY, But Obama, but her emails and Benghazi. This isn’t winning, this is a abuse of executive authority and you will sit back and do nothing. He would’ve filed impeachment proceedings against Obama if he had tried this. So many people are going to be defending this orange Jackass, you all will. It’s really sad and pathetic. South Carolina no longer has reps that give a damn about anything except themselves, they no longer care to serve all people no matter their political beliefs.

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