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Georgia Governor Signs Ban on Abortions Once a Heartbeat is Detected - Do You Support the Policy?
by Causes
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  • Christina
    Voted Oppose

    Women lose when bills like HB481 go into effect. This does not take into account complications a woman can endure throughout the pregnancy. If she ends up with a miscarriage she’s sent to court to verify if this was intentional. It’s already a terrible enough when a woman’s life is at risk, the unborn has endured terrible complications that will die shortly after delivery and in the process after delivery. Doctors oppose this because it doesn’t allow them to provide the best care the woman needs. There’s so much taps on the wrist when it comes to rape. With this bill a woman who was a victim of rape would have to carry that to full term. Never mind that she wasn’t planning on having one yet because she’s living paycheck to paycheck with not much left over and certainly not enough for supporting a child. Never mind how this affect a woman’s life health wise. My husband want to have a child. But with a bill like this gives me no survivable option. There are instances where the only way for the mother to survive is to terminate the pregnancy. This down right frightens me and my life could be at risk. I could die because of this bill. The government has no place when it comes to decisions of my body.


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