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Trump Says He Discussed ‘Russian Hoax’ with Putin, Avoided Talk of 2020 Election Meddling
by Causes
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  • Taylor
    Voted Angry

    Putin is literally fucking with the world. Now I'm not too scared of Russia as a superpower. I'm sorry, but until they produce something worth while. You can't sustain a powerful economy in raw materials alone. But seriously the vaccine misconceptions, Trumps election, even liberals are victims of this propaganda! They think the attempted legal transition of power to interm president Juan Guaido was a coup. Even the non Russian propaganda media called it a coup. That's what the Russians want you to believe. We had a chance to peacefully transition power in Venezuela from a Trump level pendejo dictator and now it looks like yes the US will fuck it up like it always does because of propaganda that said it already was that way. Ay ay ay. All in all, how do Republicans of all people not have a problem with RUSSIANS (REDS) controlling our "democracy.",


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