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‘It’s Over!’: Graham Says He Won’t Call for Mueller to Testify – Do You Agree With Graham?
by Causes
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  • Nancy

    I want to see and hear from Mueller himself. I do not want to be hand feed Barr’s (or any other Republicans’) interpretations of what Mueller Report stated. I do not even want to hear a Democrat’s interpretation. I can read, write and comprehend the English language. I find I can look up legalese and understand. Give the American people credit enough to have a smidgen of intelligence for heavens sake to read and and interpret. Also, watching that hearing with Barr was absolutely disgraceful. Republicans had countless, hours long hearing about the stupid emails and did nothing about the situation. They best start worrying about personal emails outside secure, approved sites currently being used inside White House if they are so worried about dragging up the Clinton emails. The hearing was about Mueller’s Report. Quit trying to shift attention or at least do not be so obvious as several on that panel appeared. Embarrassingly obvious.

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