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House Democrats to Hold First 'Medicare for All' Hearing
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  • Darlene
    Voted No

    We already have Medicaid which is full of abuse and fraud. We the taxpayers, those of us who work and pay taxes are paying for this mess. Medicare is for people who have worked and payed into. Medicaid needs to be cleaned up and Medicare needs to be improved. Medicare for all would end up costing taxpayers more money. People who are younger than 65 are still working, they either get insurance from their place of employment or can help pay for their insurance on the open market. I agree that Obama are is too expensive, so improve on that. Start holding pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and medical supply companies more accountable. Marking up the costs of medications and medical supplies to the point people can’t afford them needs to stop. There needs to be change in our healthcare system, Medicare for all is not the answer. As a home care nurse I’ve seen how Medicaid and Medicare works. Those on Medicaid get everything for free, while senior citizens who have worked their whole life can’t afford medications, among other things. I hope at least one of my lawmakers will stand up and take care of those who pay their salaries.


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